About Dani

Early Life

Dani was born in Toronto and has always had a love of music. Her earliest memory of falling in love with music was when she was 2 years old in 1999 with the release of Faith Hill’s album Breathe. “I remember walking into my Tia’s [aunt’s] room and I just sat there and listened to this whole album and as a kid with ADHD I don’t sit still for anything but I could sit for this. It’s was magical”. After this Dani pursued music in full force.

Dani continued to take lessons throughout her childhood studying under the Royal Conservatory of Music. She was apart of her schools’ choirs performing in shows like the ABBA tribute and Oliver Twist. She also performed in hotels and carolled in extending living homes and monasteries. She won many school music awards throughout her time in elementary school.

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High School

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In high school, Dani continued her pursuit of music. She continued her private lessons and participating in the Schools Choir. During this time Dani developed a love for other creative outlets just as filmmaking and digital art. Dani took on a leadership role in her high school as co-captain of her Cheerleading team, Prefects, Nutrition Program, Art Club and Stage Crew.

Stage Crew was a particular turning point for Dani. She loved learning about being on the other side of the sound and lighting board. Dani prides herself on being able to understand the basics of all aspects of the industry. Through all of these activities in high school, Dani was given many amazing opportunities like working with the Toronto Argonauts amongst others that allowed her to begin to interact with the wider community.

Dani’s passion for learning coupled with her desire to prove her learning disabilities were not a hindrance to her accomplishments Dani began going to college at 15 in grade 10 while also continuing her full-time high school studies and school involvement.

Dani graduated from high school in 2014 as an Ontario Scholar and also winning the Music Award for the 3rd consecutive year. Her short-lived band “Final Reaction” got to perform an original song written by Dani at their graduation. This would be the first time Dani performed an original song to a live audience. Dani went on to university with the intent to study music.

Unfortunately, due to Dani’s learning disabilities and outdated notions at her university Dani was unable to stay in her music degree at that university. She eventually moved over to Film and minored in Design. Dani began her YouTube channel as a way to not only hone the skills she was learning in her new degree but also as an outlet to share her knowledge and passion for music. She was able to complete her desired music education through Berklee College of Music. Dani also received her American Sign Language Diploma from Seneca College and a Bachelor of Arts. Dani also spent time at Wilfred Laurier University.

Post School & Future

After finishing 3 post-secondary degrees/diplomas by age 21 Dani was ready to pursue her teaching degree while simultaneously finally being free to pursue her music professional. After an unfortunate accident, Dani had severely torn her MCL and was unable to walk properly and could not afford the treatment needed to get better. This forced her to shift her plans. Dani began to realize that there were a lot of problems in arts education and support for creative people. She starting doing extensive research on the topic and began to formulate a plan to solve these issues.

Dani is now pursuing her new business venture and also taking the time to focus on her health and her first true love, music. She how to inspire those like her and leave her community better than she found it.

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